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September 2017 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Greetings my friends!!!!….I was just looking back on my last report which I prepared sometime towards the end of June. I noticed that there were some comments made about the somewhat tardy arrival of the summer sunshine which had finally showed up in June after a rather breezy and wet spring. Well show up it did….and then it just continued to be around right through July and August….without hardly missing a beat. What a sensational summer we have just experienced. This wonderful valley of ours was the the greatest place to be for the last couple of months and I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy all it had to offer.

A great July 1st one hundred and fiftieth birthday of Canada was a great success in Courtenay and a month later Comox celebrated another Nautical Days weekend and capped it off with a thrilling fireworks display. The valley strutted its stuff at both these parties and I do hope you were able to partake. Another great summer of “Sunday Night Concerts” at Simms Park was just an added bonus to a superb summer. And by the way, I’d like to thank the many dedicated folks who made our July 1st Tea Dance such a success….you did a marvelous job….THANKS!!

And now it’s onward and forward to the fall and winter activities at the Evergreen. Clubs will be ramping up their programs and their leadership will be looking for new members and new volunteers. We have a good thing going on here at the Evergreen and it’s only as good as it is because of our wonderful members… all, and I mean each and everyone, are responsible for all that goes on here……whether it’s simply with your membership or by your willingness to volunteer. So I encourage new members who may have just joined us to get involved in one (or more) of our activity clubs……’s just a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

A couple of reminders for upcoming activities at the Evergreen. Our annual “Fall Garage Sale” will be taking place on Saturday September 23rd. It’s time to start clearing out all those unwanted items and include the things you bought at last year’s sale because you thought it was such a good deal and you KNEW you really needed it. Donations can be dropped off at the Filberg Centre lower lobby weekdays from from Monday September 11 to Thursday September 21…..from 10am ’till noon. Also I want to mention the “Evergreen Trash & Treasures” market event on Sunday October 22 from 9am ’till 2pm . It’s in the Conference Hall.

That’s about a wrap for now….but I am looking forward to seeing you all again as summer wanes and fall becomes us…….And remember…..After the game, the King & the Pawn go into the same box……ADIOS….gk

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