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October 2017 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Greetings Everyone!!…..Well now, it seems that the “FALL SEASON” is upon us and we must now pack away as memories
all those wonderful days of “SUMMER 2017″. It was wonderful was it not??….but now fall has arrived and it will soon be time to behold the changing of the leaves and all the marvelous color changes that go along with this event. Author William Cullen Bryant once said that Autumn is the year’s last and loveliest smile. There is probably nothing more precious this time of year than the autumn sunshine. For the last several months we have been spoiled quite badly as sunshine just seemed to be there all the time. But now it will become a fleeting thing and finally will disappear in dark clouds of the winter rains……..enjoy what remains my friends.

The fall programs are already into a busy season and club leadership is a very important part of all our 45+ clubs that operate within the Evergreen Club. We are calling on all of those Club Committee Reps to attend the next Committee Rep meeting on Monday October 2nd at 11 am. There will be a special volunteer appreciation and thank you to club reps followed by the normal meeting. Apparently Deanne has some treats and prizes in store for you so please try to be there if you are a club rep. And don’t forget our now annual Evergreen Trash and Treasures. It’s happening on Sunday October 22nd from 9 ’till 2 in the Conference Hall….it just keeps getting bigger and better and if you might be interested in renting a table. It’s only twenty bucks.

It seems that our governance picture has become more clear and we will explain it all to you at a planned club membership meeting in November. The date will be announced shortly and details will also follow. As you all know we had withheld our AGM while the City of Courtenay and the Courtenay Recreational Association (CRA) were redefining their relationship and to comply with the BC Societies Act. As we are part of the CRA it was necessary for us to wait on this process. As a non-profit organization the CRA board sets direction and provides oversight.

As your president and on your behalf, I would like to congratulate our Club Coordinator Janet on completion of her first year on the job. She has worked tirelessly to learn all about it and perform within it. She has become an enthusiastic and accomplished leader and we wish her well for many more years of continued success.

And now it’s time to depart….and a thought to pass along……”Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad”.

ADIOS until the next time….gk

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