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October 2018 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Hello once again Evergreeners…..and after numerous days of wind and rain, you probably all thought that the wonderful summer that we had just experienced was lost and gone forever. SURPRISE!!!!……because as I sit here on Sunday September 23 and compose this little message in order to meet Janet’s deadline, we have just experienced a rather spectacular day of “SUMMER” sunshine and wonderfully warm temperatures. It’s probably not a sign of the returning to summer but it was a timely break from the wind and rain. By the time you are reading this report several more pleasant days will have passed just as advertised. Do not fret however as fall and winter stuff will return to test our mettle.

And now onto things upcoming! Thursday October 4th is going to be busy and important day at the Evergreen. It’s our “Evergreen Open House”. It will be ongoing activities from 9am ’till noon throughout the building and it is hoped that all 45 of our activity clubs will be involved in some way. There will be numerous information booths to provide details on our various activities…….there will be entertainment and prizes……and there will be many of our great volunteers out there giving it their all. We hope that it will be a very worthwhile day for our newer members who may as yet still be learning about our great club. It will also provide an opportunity for visitors to see and hear who and what we are and for them to consider becoming members themselves. We members all know what a great organization the Evergreen is, so let’s put on a great “Show and Tell” day and let everyone else know as well.

The other big October thing is our annual “Trash and Treasures Day”. It’s happening on Sunday October 21st from 9am ’till 2pm in the Conference Hall. We are encouraging businesses, clubs, and non-profit groups to come and sell pretty much anything. Book your table ASAP. Tables are only $20.

I also want to remind you that the Friday Night Dance team are planning a Halloween Dance on Friday October 26th. Dancing is from 7:30pm ’till 10:30pm. I will be there with my band “The Amigos” to provide some great dance music……it will be a night of fun and frivoliity…….put on your costumes and join us. Prizes will be awarded.

And here’s a little something to think about before I go…….Did you know that if you turn the word “SWIMS” upside down, it still reads “SWIMS”……ADIOS….gk

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