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November 2016 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club President

Hi everyone!!…the rain and wind have taken hold and all at once our beautiful summer is nothing more than a fleeting memory.

It’s a busy time at the Filberg Centre however as fall and winter activities are in full motion. Let me begin once again with a very similar message to all. Kitchen volunteers are in demand and we do need your support on this one. There is every possibility that adjustments in times open will have to be considered if we do not fill our volunteer needs. Our kitchen and lounge are very special parts of the Evergreen Club experience and it’s only with membership help that we can continue to keep it that way. We are very flexible on what you may do, and when you may do it, if you become involved in kitchen activities. If you are interested and can spare some time, please talk to our Volunteer Coordinator Deanne and see what can be done to get you started. Please give it some consideration as we do need the help.

Please remember that it is “Membership Renewal” time. 2016 registered members can still renew their 2017 memberships at the discounted rate of $22 plus GST…new members are always welcome so if you have relatives or friends that are thinking about our club, please encourage them to drop in and join up.
We would be pleased to have them.

Some interesting Special Events are happening in November. On Wednesday November 2nd the Evergreen Club is presenting our annual Christmas Bazaar and Luncheon. The bazaar runs from 10:30 to 2 with the luncheon hours being 11 to 1. Activities take place in the Conference Hall. The bazaar provides the opportunity to get a heads up on Christmas shopping and there will be a great variety of items available. Tickets for the luncheon will be available at the door only.

Ken MacLeod and his crew are putting together a great tribute show called “Memories Of The War Years”. There will be a lot of great music from that period and will include rousing sing-along choruses. This event takes place on Sunday November 6th at 2pm in the Conference Hall. Tickets are available at the office.

And then it’s our annual Fashion Show on Wednesday November 23rd from 11 to 3 in the Conference Hall. Tickets are $12 and are available at the office. Admission includes a light lunch.

My SPECIAL THANKS go out to Nicky and Naida for the great job done in coordinating our recent Fall Garage Sale. They assembled a great crew that helped make the sale a huge success…and thanks to the many members that contributed to the success by donating the many great items that were sold. Those who made purchases can now be proud owners until our next sale when in fact they can re-contribute and we can sell it all over again to a new lucky buyer.

That’s enough from me at the moment but I would like to mention one more time that KITCHEN VOLUNTEERS are needed….if you can help, please give Deanne a call and make it happen…it’s your club and only you can keep it functioning…THANKS….gk

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