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November 2018 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Hello once again Evergreeners!!….seems like I just said that a few days ago….but it was a month ago…as time flies by so quickly.

Welcome to November, the real beginning of the fall to winter season……more rain and more wind….and maybe even a bit of snow. Having now been here for many Novembers I can well remember many of those Novembers where we had a snow experience. Hopefully the November of 2018 will not be another…..and now onto more pleasurable stuff!!

Many many THANKS to our wonderful membership and their volunteer efforts during our “October Open House”. It was a complete success with most of our programs and happenings on display for the visitors to see. I’ve had an abundant amount of positive feedback from people that visited us to find out what we were all about. They were very impressed with our club and all it offered and in a number of cases this has turned into new memberships. We had a great day at the Evergreen Club……thanks once again for your effort and a special “THANKS” to Helen and the Special Events Committee for their great work in organizing this event. We have over 45 activity clubs here at the Evergreen along with day trips, travel opportunities, and special events….folks were impressed. Also on the October calendar was our clubs hosting of the “Trash & Treasures” event on Sunday October 24th. and all went well. Many thanks to those that made it happen.

Our November calendar will also be very busy with several events. The Second Stage Players presenting their 2018 version of “Scattered Skits”. It is a great selection of comical short pieces and these folks always do a great job….it’s right around the corner with shows on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening in the Conference Hall. On Sunday November 4th we will once again will be presenting “Memories of the War Years”. It will be an amazing afternoon of memories and music to honor those who so fought and sacrificed for us. It is an important undertaking put together by Ken MacLeod and company…..and in mentioning Ken MacLeod, please drop by the center on Saturday November 3rd from 1pm to 3pm as we will be honoring Ken for all his wonderful contribution to the Evergreen Club activities. The Christmas Bazaar and Luncheon will be held on Wednesday November 14th…..great early Christmas shopping and a great lunch.

That’s about a wrap for the moment…..but remember…..”STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE – THEY HAVE A PROBLEM FOR EVERY SOLUTION”… Adios…..gk

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