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May 2019 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Hi Everyone!!!!….well it’s happening…..we are well on our way to another one of those beautiful Comox Valley summers. It’s almost magical how all the good stuff suddenly begins to happen and the world around us changes. Green grass everywhere, leaves all of a sudden appearing on trees throughout the valley as if by some mystical process and people smiling broadly as they enjoy the fruits of the new season. After a rather brutal late winter it’s good to know that it’s now only a memory. And the “Snowbirds” are back…..not only the ones from the southern climes but also the ones from Moose Jaw who bring their Tutor jets to Canadian Forces Base Comox every spring for their get ready for summer air shows training……..Welcome to all!!

A couple of upcoming Special Events in May that I’d like to mention. A Musical Menagerie will happen on Sunday May 12th as the Comox Valley Concert Band takes a walk on the wild side and performs animal music for the entire family. Selections will present a parade of pachyderms, panthers, felines and teddy bears. Show time is 2pm in our Conference Hall. Tea, coffee and cookies will be served. The Evergreen “Rock n’ Roll Revival” will take place on Sunday May 26th with some of the great old music of the 50’s and 60’s performed by the Ken MacLeod Singers and their guests. Showtime is once again 2pm in the Evergreen Conference Hall.

It’s also time to start thinking about summer activities. We are so very fortunate in the Comox Valley to have access to the many wonders of nature all around us. The Mount Washington Bike Park for instance is scheduled to open on June 29th and will offer varied bike opportunities with new extended hours and new trails that will cater to all levels of riding. If biking is not your thing, then the endless myriad of hiking trails might be for you……or maybe a ride to the top on the chairlift to enjoy the views……and by the way, a new zip line is supposed to be in the works. Mount Washington is just one of many places in the valley that invites you. With a little research on good old “GOOGLE” and a little planning you can set yourself for a very busy and entertaining summer. Remember, many folks pay big money to come here and enjoy the many things we take for granted…..get out there and enjoy….keeping active is what it’s all about!!That’s about it for now but here’s something to remember….”A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory”……ADIOS!!….gk

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