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March 2018 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Greetings All!!…..Let me start with an apology if I may. In the last newsletter (Feb 2018) I boldly stated that the worst was behind us and that with January in the rear-view we were ready to welcome Spring and all the goodness it brings. Well, as we all know now, I was awfully wrong and the last couple of weeks of winter weather have been perfect proof of that. What’s going on??? Snow, snow and more snow along with winds and low temperatures have made this lovely Island Paradise a not so neat a place to be…….survival mode was the acceptable choice…..I’m truly sorry for my shortsightedness….I’ll try to do better.

Would like you all not to forget our upcoming “Members Meeting” scheduled for Wednesday March 21 in the Rotary Hall. This will be an opportunity to hear all about cub governance and what has happened over the last number of months. It is also a time to have a say on the new executive. All present members of the executive have chosen to continue if elected to do so. Nomination for new members are open until Friday March 9th, so if you are interested please talk to Vice-President Nettie and get your nomination form completed. There will be no nominations from the floor. Keep in mind that the Evergreen Executive is a committee of the Courtenay Recreational Association (CRA) and reports to the CRA Board. The members meeting will include refreshments and there will be door prizes.

The March Special Events schedule includes an “All Nations Variety Show” on Sunday March 4th. The show will be held in the Conference Centre from 1pm ’till 4pm and the doors will be open at noon. The show will feature live entertainment, storytelling, demonstrations and a silent auction. There will be special guests from the Indigenous Women’s Sharing Society and the Multi Cultural Society.

Many “THANKS” to Ken and his crew for a great Robbie Burns event and to Helen and her Special Events Team of volunteers for a great evening of dance and entertainment at Big Band dance night………good times were had by all those attending.

And in closing, some food for thought….”It seems that Human Beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experiences of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so”…….’nuff said…..

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