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March 2019 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Hello once again everyone! Seems that the first thing I should do is pass along an apology. Over the last several monthly messages I was somewhat “over the moon” with regard to the winter we were having. I certainly was less than shy about praising the great winter weather we were experiencing. I freely took jabs and cheap shots at the lands east of the Rockies and the misery they were suffering from snow and cold weather. However, shortly after I had written and released my February message and again praising the good weather….HELL ARRIVED…..and as I sit here and write for the March issue….it hasn’t yet really left.

Too much snow and low temperatures have made our Valley Paradise seem more like a Winter Pain Clinic……..and for all of that, I must enjoy some crow and pass along my apologies for being so wrong. Have faith though; as the sun is now with us and it’s slowly starting to warm…..and soon the mountains of snow in the Costco parking lot will be only memories…..of a winter that became an obscenity.

However….in spite of all this lewd weather that has hung with us, the Evergreen Club has carried on with its busy winter programs. People have all but ignored the wrath that the heavens have bestowed upon us and kept our many activities driving in high gear. The Evergreen Travel Club is offering a number of new opportunities for travel to interesting and exciting places and you should check these out if you have urge to travel about a bit……some of this stuff will book up very quickly so it’s to your advantage to check it out early. Special Events are always a special treat and the Evergreen Club’s Second Stage Players will be coming your way on Sunday March 31st and Monday April 1st with a new production called “We Are Family”……it’s a heartwarming comedy that will be sure to tickle your funny bone. Presentation will take place in the Conference Hall at 3pm on Sunday and 1:30 pm on Monday.

Just want to pass along to the activity club reps that they are “ALL” encouraged to attend the next Club Rep meeting on Monday March 11 at 11am. This is your opportunity to meet with your fellow reps and the Executive to talk about your club or discuss any issues you may have. It’s always important that we on executive get your feedback…..if we can take care of the little things early, then BIG things might not appear. Time to wrap this thing up…..but before I go here’s a bit of wisdom for you…….”A Clear Conscience is quite often a sign of a bad memory”……Adios!!!!!….gk

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