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June 2019 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Greetings to all once again!!!! There appears to be no doubt about summer being upon us….the weather out there in our beautiful Comox Valley has been just wonderful and all reports indicate that it will continue that way. According to the long range forecast the summer of 2019 in British Columbia is supposedly going to be warm and dry with temperatures above normal. Meanwhile weather on the other side of the Rockies and across the rest of the country is forecast to be cooler than normal. IF you are a believer in long range forecasting you are in for some great summer weather….if you are not a believer then I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

The “Spring Into Summer Fashion Show” is right around the corner. This event happens on Thursday June 6 at 11:30am and will be held in the Conference Hall. Tickets are twelve bucks and include a light lunch. I’ve been hearing some great comments about the Rock and Roll Revival Show held last Sunday. The Ken MacLeod Singers and their guest performers were awesome it seems. All those good old 50’s’ and 60’s tunes apparently never sounded better. Thanks to all the volunteers and performers who made it happen. A lot of great memories in that room I’m sure.

I would like to take a moment or two to talk about our Friday Night Dances. The attendance numbers have been dropping over the last couple of years and that is understandable to some degree. Many of our avid dancers from over the years have passed on. A lot of the newer members who have joined the Evergreen Club during those same years may not be quite as enthusiastic about dancing or have other interests, which is unfortunate for the Friday Night dance. We need to get our numbers back up and invite you and your friends to join us. We have a number of great volunteers that look after and coordinate the dances. You’ll find and meet many nice people there. A lot has been said recently about dancing and age. First and foremost is the fact that dancing is excellent for cardiovascular health. Reviews and multiple studies on dancing and aging have found that any style of dance can help maintain or even improve muscle strength, balance, endurance, and other forms of physical health in older adults. Secondly, it is a most wonderful SOCIAL ACTIVITY. It creates strong social connections that will increase your sense of happiness and well being. That is only a couple of the good things about dancing….if you get involved and become a participant I’m sure you’ll find many others. Our Friday Night dances provide for “LIVE MUSIC” and we have several different bands that cycle through the schedule playing many of the great old tunes that will bring back memories. The dance is open to members and non members……..PLEASE JOIN US!!

And that looks like a wrap for this time around…”I heard that Police were called to a local Daycare last week….it seems that a three year old was resisting a rest”…..ADIOS…gk

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