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June 2017 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Hello Everyone!!…..Well, here we are ready and able to enjoy another wonderful Comox Valley summer. After flirting with a potential disaster over the last couple of months the situation finally showed some promise as May came to a close.
Sunshine and a general improvement in expectations for a better looking weather pattern has made life seem a whole lot better…’s time to get on with summer and the good things it brings us.
Here at the Evergreen, many of our everyday activities will soon go into summer mode. We have just finished a busy spring of activities and we have had opportunity to experience some excellent events. Our great cast of musicians and actors have showed their stuff and provided us with some outstanding events. Congratulations to them all.

It looks like the next major event is our July 1st Birthday Bash. Several years ago the Evergreen Club took on the responsibility of presenting the “July 1st Tea Dance” at the Native Sons Hall. It has proven to be a great undertaking for us and our volunteers have done a magnificent job. This year is of particular significance as we will be part of Canada’s one hundred and fiftieth birthday…..150 years since Confederation and the creation of this wonderful country. On July 1st, 1867 the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick came together to form the new Dominion of Canada. The rest of the provinces and territories joined along the way and Canada as we know it today became a reality. In 1982 Dominion Day (July 1st) was renamed Canada Day by act of parliament. So when you don that red and white outfit and join in in our July 1st activities at Native Sons this year, you will be part of a rather significant part of Canadian history………hope to see you all there.

Hopefully by Septemeber, the CRA governance will have been determined and the Evergreen Club’s situation clarified. Janet and I will continue to be involved in the process as it plays out. Until then I wish you a very happy summer. Many summer things will go on over the next couple of months and it is worth your while to be part of it all. The summer “Sunday Night Concerts” will once again be ongoing at Simms Park and they are well worth attending. Those and many other great events will be well advertised in our local newspaper, The Record.

It certainly looks like a great summer is in store so get out and enjoy….

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