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July/August 2019 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Hello once again!!!…another month has come and gone, and it seems they are coming and going a whole lot faster than they used to…..another birthday passed as well and that made me feel just a little more uneasy…..and then on June 21st, SUMMER arrived and as the sun shone brightly I felt that all was not yet lost….funny how life goes some time!! And now the serious stuff…..well actually not too serious……there’s too much wear and tear if you get too serious at this stage of the game.

It’s the end of June and that means a bit of a slow down at the club. Some of our activities slow down in July and August while others carry on with a normal activity schedule. Make sure you check with your various groups so you know what’s happening with yours over the summer months. Our Executive will not be having any meetings during July & August and as such there will be no meetings for the club reps either.

We’ll all be back in September to kick the fall and winter season. Our plan is to have an Evergreen Club members meeting in Mid November and you will be informed well in advance as to the actual date. It will be at this meeting that any required elections will be held so if you have thoughts of sitting on the executive you will be provided with the information you need to make that attempt. Our vision as club leaders is to provide a world in which our members age successfully, continue to be engaged, continue to contribute and continue to be valued. We accomplish with our leadership in the development of quality programs and quality services. If this appeals to you then you may wish to get involved in the hierarchy…..give it some thought. Leadership in your own activity club within the Evergreen Club is always a good place to start and there is always room for new ideas…..anyway, it’s yours to ponder over the summer. The quality of our programs relies on active member participation and results come with the engagement of our members. Personally I can say with certainty that my experiences with the club have been rewarding and it has been and continues to be that same result.

But now it’s the summer of 2019 and there are so very many things to see and places to go over the next couple of months. We are blessed with a wondrous environment here in the Comox Valley so it’s another great opportunity to get out and take advantage.

Keep in mind that old adage that says “Those Who Hesitate Are Lost”…..or something to that effect. Sooo….”HAVE A WONDERFUL AND FULLFILLING SUMMER………STAY SAFE AND HAVE FUN”…..ADIOS!…gk

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