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January 2020 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

If you’ve checked your rear view mirror recently and you’re wondering what that thing is back there……well, it’s actually THE YEAR 2019 slipping away and never to be seen again. It seems such a short time ago that it first appeared in the windshield. But that I guess is what happens when we slip into these “Golden Years”. The years seem to come and go at quite the pace. So let’s just accept that for what it is and get into an exciting 2020 beginning. Just think of those 365 days that lay before us as 365 new reasons to be here in our little paradise.

There is no doubt that we will enjoy another wonderful “EVERGREEN YEAR” here at our club with many old and new activities and events to keep us busy. We are very fortunate to have a mindful Special Events Team that is always thinking of new things to offer or are thinking of ways to put a new twist on old things that have been popular in the past. I am always impressed with their ideas, new and old. Many thanks to them. And I am also most impressed with the many activity clubs that the Evergreen offers and also impressed with the wonderful facilities that we are provided with so we can properly enjoy those many activities. Every new year that comes to us also comes with all these good things that we have. it’s your opportunity to get out and get involved… try something new… volunteer….to teach and help others…..and to make new friends and acquaintances. And we have some wonderful staff looking after us…….our Evergreen Club Coordinator Janet, our Volunteer Coordinator Cathy, and our Kitchen Coordinator Alisha are all great ladies who have us covered in making this a great place to be. So let’s have a great 2020 and make the Evergreen Club an even better place to be. If you are new to our club I’d like to take a moment and on behalf of the Executive and myself and the membership at large, welcome you to our place….The Evergreen Club. There is a NEW MEMBER TEA scheduled for Monday January 20th….Please drop by…..let’s meet.

Something to look forward to in January is the “Dance Party with a Lesson” which will be held on Saturday January 11th in the Conference Hall from 7pm ’till 10pm. Music, Dj services and dance instruction will be provided by Thuu Luu. Thuu is from Calgary and is a PRO. He owns a Dance Studio in Calgary. He will be teaching many different types of steps and the music will be of many varieties…..Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Country, you name it!!! Should be a “VERY FUN” evening and just another great way to “GET GOING IN 2020″…..just think how good you will look at the Friday Night Dances!!

That’s a wrap for the moment so I will bid farewell…….Here’s a quick question that I’ve been thinking about…..”IF YOU TRY TO FAIL, AND SUCCEED, WHICH HAVE YOU DONE”………………………”HAPPY NEW YEAR”……..ADIOS!!!….gk

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