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January 2018 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Greetings Everyone….You may have noticed that another year has been tucked away and we have arrived at another new
beginning. 2018 is upon us! Let us all welcome in the New Year and bid a happy adieu to the year just past. It’s time for another new beginning and time to cherish the memories we hold so dear. The friendship and companionship we share here at the Evergreen Club has in the past filled your life with many great moments and will continue to in this upcoming year of discovery. Together let’s WELCOME 2018 and hope that it will bring even more happiness into our relationships and into our lives. May this new year see you in the best of HEALTH and CHEER for as the old saying goes, “Health is the best Wealth that a person can have”.

It was a pretty busy December at the club what with all the festive activities. Many of our “Activity Clubs” had their own Christmas parties and as the Evergreen Club we were able to enjoy several excellent events. Many thanks to our great volunteers who make these kind of activities happen and to Deanne and the Special Events Team for providing direction.

And now it’s onward and forward to a host of new events in 2018. The Robbie Burns luncheon will be held on Thursday January 25th at noon in the Conference Hall. It will be a “Scottish” fun filled afternoon complete with music and tom-foolery, and of course a tribute to “Robbie”. Trash & Treasures will make it’s return on Sunday January 28th in the Conference Hall. It goes from 9 ’till 2 and provides for a fl ea-market type event. Businesses, organizations, clubs, non-profit groups and individuals are encouraged to rent a table for $20 and sell what they may.

Something else to look forward to is a is a “Big Band Dance Night” on Saturday February 17th featuring the Georgia Strait Big Band. Tickets for this event will be available at the office.

So, once again, welcome to 2018 and a year that will bring things that have never before been……

“Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, and Hope For Tomorrow”

ADIOS for now…..gk

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