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January 2017 – President’s Message

With a little determination last years good intentions could become this years resolutions……grab hold of what you have
dared but not yet done…..awaken what has remained dormant since you last had a talk with yourself……and as the old
saying goes, “Get’ER Done”.

We had a pretty busy and eventful December here at the Evergreen. The Yuletide Dance suffered a bit with numbers due
to the unforeseen weather complications but those that battled the elements were treated to a great evening of treats and dancing to the Dan Hughes Band. Helen’s Special Events Team organized a great event.

This was followed by a very fun “Volunteer Appreciation Afternoon “ with great grub and entertainment. Special thanks go out to all those who were involved in this special afternoon. Kudos to Janet and Deanne for their efforts in making it all come about…and to Ken MacLeod for his help in arranging for all those wonderful female voices that provided the wonderful Christmas songs…..and also to “Elvis” by the way for dropping in to do a great version of “Blue Christmas”.

I had good positive feedback on our Turkey Dinner which was held on December 20th…….great food and great service I am told….Thanks to those that helped.

I can’t comment on the New Years dance as yet, as I am preparing this message a couple of days prior to it happening, but at this time it shaping up to be another great event put together by those Special Events folks.

January’s big event will be the Evergreen Trash and Treasures day on Sunday January 29th. Tables for the potential sellers are still available and are only $20. Businesses, individuals, organizations, clubs and non-profi t groups are
encouraged to come and sell their wares. The day runs from 9am to 2pm in the Conference Hall……and by the way, “Purchasers” are encouraged to attend in large numbers…..and spend freely……there should be lots of good deals.

Volunteer opportunities are still available on an ongoing basis. New faces are showing up in numerous places and that is great. Our kitchen is getting back to normalcy with the addition of several new volunteers. Thank you to all of you that have stepped forward to be part of our volunteer team…..
It’s a Great Club we have here and it’s because of you that that happens…
May the NEW YEAR bring HEALTH, HAPPINESS and all other GOOD THINGS to each and everyone of you……adios for now…gk

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