The most up to date happenings for our clubs and activities can be found in our monthly newsletter. Check out the latest edition here!



Genealogy Club
Curious about your family’s heritage? Ever wonder where friends and loved ones have their roots? Join us once a month and discover who you’re related to, and just what they were doing all those years!


Art Group (Late Bloomers)
Find the Monet within. There’s no instructor and no fee to join, just a fun, supporting group of people who are more than willing to help you get started. Choose between acrylics, water colours, and oil-based paints, and begin creating your own masterpieces today.


Fabric Painting
Come learn the art of painting fabrics through projects with tablecloths, aprons, and pillow slips. The projects will also include tracing various patterns, so come in for a peek; new faces are always welcome!


They’re not just for mailing anymore! Meet with other stamp aficionados once a month to share and admire collections, or start your own for the first time!


The quilters create the lovely quilts you see in the Filberg raffles, as well as custom quilts if desired. All proceeds from sales go back to the Evergreen Club, so you can have fun quilting and feel good supporting the club at the same time!


Knit & Crochet
Spend time knitting and crocheting for that special someone, or start on that sweater you’ve been meaning to get to for your grandchildren. Check the Evergreen Seniors Newsletter for information on meeting dates and times, and hope to see you there.


Computer Club
Jump into the Information Age with several exciting programs that the Computer Club has to offer. Popular programs include: scanning, genealogy, and graphics, while some members have even received training in computer maintenance and website construction.




Happy Gang/Heartstrings
Bring your instruments and come play music together!  We meet most Tuesdays and Wednesdays mornings.


EverGreen Ukulele Club
Visit the site:


Everyone is welcome to join the Choristers for our Friday sing-a-longs. Singers are also welcome to come out to scheduled sing-outs at care facilities around the community.


Gospel Sing-a-Long
Get some food for your soul singing inspirational songs and hymns once a week in the Conference Hall. There will be an overhead projector to show the verses in large print, so come when you can and leave when you must!


Valley Echoes
The Valley Echoes are a delightful mix of accordion, clarinet, and strings, and play to many extended care facilities and nursing homes within the Valley. The Echoes also play at the Evergreen Senior’s Birthday Party, so come out and lend your ear or your voice!




Carpet Bowling
It’s all-weather bowling at your convenience! Carpet bowling offers the social experience of the lawn without a rain jacket or sun visor, so whether you’re an experience pro or a little green behind the ears, you’re sure to enjoy yourself!


Floor Curling
For those who miss the icy chill of the rink, give the indoor version of one of Canada’s favourite winter sports a try! Played and scored like its snowy sibling, floor curling instead uses lighter wooden rocks and requires no sweeping. It’s a great game for former ice curlers, and new members are always welcome!


The best part about riding a bike is that you never forget, so put that muscle-memory to use and come cycle! Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, and many of our members choose to enter the Seniors’ Games as the capstone of their training. Find the champion within!


Sign up for the darts, stay for the company. Darts is held once a week in the Rotary Hall, and provides both a non-competitive atmosphere and time to socialize. New and beginning players are always welcome.


FORE! Join the nearly 100 other Evergreen members hitting the links at Longlands Golf Course in Comox. A tournament is held each month throughout the April to October season, with a final as the capstone in September. Members meet in the morning before heading out in foursomes to a shotgun start, so pull out your clubs and get ready for a great time!


Slo Pitch
Evergreen Club slo pitch runs May to August each year at Lewis Park. Minor rule modifications are used to avoid injury: no sliding, over-running bases permitted.


Walk & Talk
Weekly social walks and hikes around the Comox Valley.


Book Club
Share your thoughts and opinions on books you enjoy reading with other Evergreen members, and explore different points of view. See the Evergreen Seniors’ monthly newsletter for more information on meeting times.


Feel the excitement of hearing your winning number called — 12 times in a row. Join in the fun once a week for an afternoon well spent!


One of the most difficult card games to master, yet one of the most enjoyed. To help you in your mastery in the game, bridge is offered on two different days during the week; see the Evergreen Seniors monthly newsletter for details.


Searching for Bobby Fischer? Well look no further. Learn the basics of this mentally stimulating game at no charge and within a pleasant environment. Enjoy watching your strategies unfold in real-time, and meet some great people in the process!

Cue Sports


Deemed as “one of the most popular games in the English-speaking world”, Crib is played once a week at the Centre. So come on out and don’t be shy.


Enjoy this popular card game on Thursday afternoons in the Evergreen Lounge.


Curious about this tile-matching game that is ever-growing in popularity? Join us once a week and learn this classic Chinese pastime from more experienced members.


Warm up your vocabulary skills and get ready for some triple-word scores! If you love playing this popular board game, you’re invited out twice a week to partake in some good-natured social fun!


Another activity for members that is held in the Games Room, Snooker is available everyday of the week for members’ enjoyment. Whether your there to play or just to watch, wander in from time to time and take a look!


Texas Hold’em
The subject of many a disagreement in Westerns, play the game that has grown across North America like wildfire. You’ve seen it advertised and played on T.V., now get your chance to try your hand with other Evergreen members!


Table Tennis
Build your hand-eye coordination and have fun doing it with this great game. Table Tennis will be played a few times a week, and there will be a small fee is charged for drop-in to play. It’s well worth it!


Come join us once a week for Whist. It’s easy to learn and similar to Bridge, so why not supplement your card-playing fun with yet another popular game? New members have been steadily adding to our turnout; be apart of the action!