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April 2017 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Greetings once again!!!…..It is a fact, and we have experienced that fact, that what we have just come through was a rather peculiar winter session. So I decided to check with those that record those facts to see what kind of records were broken.
The answers I got were rather surprising. It went this way….snow, more snow and even more snow but no record…..cold, even colder and even colder yet, but no record. So there you have it…..all those prolonged periods of too much snow and too much cold weather and nothing to show for it.¬† I’m just glad it’s hopefully all over and we can get back to the lifestyle we expect and prefer in this wonderland of ours. I know one thing for sure….I didn’t really enjoy the experience and I don’t imagine you did either.

And now onto cheerier things.

It has been rumored that Evergreen Second Stage Players recent production¬† of “Oh Nurse” was “Oh So Good’. Our very own playwright Betty Annand and our own director Val Parmley put together a great comedy for your enjoyment and are to be congratulated on it’s success. And kudos to all of those fine actors from within our membership that played their parts so well. Also on the menu in March was “A Wee Taste Of Ireland” afternoon. Along with an Irish Stew luncheon those that attended experienced some superb Irish tunes by Mary Murphy…..all in all a great afternoon. And to top that off we had a great St Patrick’s Friday Night Dance with over 70 people out to dance to the music of The Amigos.

Next up is our Evergreen Pancake Breakfast on Saturday April 1st. It’s in the Conference Hall between 7:30am and 11am and at five bucks a person it is the best deal in town.¬† Pack up the grandkids and bring them all down for breakfast.

Also want to let you know that the Evergreen Tax Volunteers will be on duty through to May 2nd on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1 pm to 4 pm. Location is the Computer Room. We want to thank our Tax Volunteers Bill, Diane, Guy and Mike for their volunteer time and also the greeters who are giving their time.

You also might notice that a number of new lunch specials are being offered from our kitchen. We have a great crew manning the kitchen these days and we want to thank the many new volunteers that have come forward for kitchen duty. And as always, our Volunteer Coordinator Deanne is always looking for new volunteers. If you have an interest or just want to find a new one, please talk to Deanne.

Still no word on the AGM and the governance news. We await further updates. Time to slip away but please remember….If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of payments….adios…gk

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