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April 2019 – President’s Message

A message from Gord Kruger, Evergreen Club president

Greetings Everyone!!!….It’s starting to look pretty good out there. It seems that spring has finally sprung and we can now forget about that most annoying late winter climate that we just went through. It was not a pleasant time right here in our own beautiful valley as temperatures dipped and we had to endure the comforts of some late snow……but it’s all gone now…..well, NOT QUITE ALL……as there are remnants of it at the far end of the Costco Parking Lot… if you’re yearning for one more look you had better hustle over real soon……it is quickly melting into oblivion.

While we are once again discussing weather, it seems that many of friends and acquaintances are returning to their valley homes after several months in various locations to the south of us. We are apparently being told stories about southern winter weather being somewhat less glamorous than it usually is. Stories out of Arizona, California and even Mexico tell of cooler weather. Heavens!!!….some even speak of having had to put on a sweater to stay comfortable. So when one considers what we endured and add in “Southern DIScomfort”,we may have to consider a bit of a re-think on this “Climate Warming Thing”…..just sayin’. Anyway, I would just like welcome back all our members who are Winter Wanderers. If you need a blow by blow break down of late winter weather in the Comox Valley in 2019, I’m sure you will find many versions by hanging out at Evergreen Lounge. With everyone back our activity clubs will be in full swing.

A note to ALL VOLUNTEERS……If you have supported the Evergreen Club this past year as an Activity Rep, Special Event Volunteer, Kitchen Volunteer, Committee Member, Trip Host, or any other volunteer job, you are invited to an afternoon party on Wednesday April 10th to celebrate your contributions. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Cathy to register.

Don’t forget about our upcoming “Trash & Treasures ” event. It’s happening on Saturday April 6th from 9am ’till 2pm in the Conference Hall. If you want a table it is only twenty bucks to do so. And also check out the travel pages of our newsletter….there are many exciting opportunities to do some neat traveling.

ADIOS!!!!….That’s a wrap for this time around…..but keep this in mind….”AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE……THEY HAVE A PROBLEM FOR EVERY SOLUTION”……see ya at the club….gk

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